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Mystic Mad

Reiki & Holistic Healing


Meet Mystic Mad

Hello dear souls and welcome. My name is Madaline (aka Mystic Mad) and I am a certified Reiki Master based in Los Angeles, CA & serving around the world.

If you find yourself reading these words then I believe something within led you here. Whether you are seeking relief from an ailment, assistance with fertility, reduction of stress & anxiety, better sleep, more peace of mind, the list goes on...something within you knows that there is more to healing than conventional medicine has led you to believe.


In my profound experience with energy healing, I have come to know that this missing link already exists within us, and in essence is us ourselves. It is the complete awareness of who we are as energetic beings living in physical bodies and what we are capable of through consciousness alone. You are so much more powerful than you realize and it is my most sincere intention to help you remember. 

I am honored to be able to help this world heal through energy, awareness and love, working intimately with the natural power of our consciousness, cosmos and our ever-giving earth.

Reiki Treatments

Below are my available Reiki treatments. For a full list of services please visit my Services page. You may contact me by phone, text or email to book. 

Standard Reiki Session

Distance healing

Reiki for pets

In-home Reiki session

Client Testimonials

"Mad is the real deal! Before my first session with Mad I had been so anxious from the stresses of life (work, family and friend drama) that I was near panic level. When I arrived Mad calmly talked me thru what to expect and we got started. It was relaxing, it was freeing and most of all it was powerful. I could physically feel the weight of the energy shifting in my body as she helped clear blockages and old wounds. I will absolutely continue my healing work with Mad and I highly encourage you to give her a call."


"May the long time sun shine upon you,
All love surround you,
And the pure light within you, 
Guide your way on." 

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