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Thank you so much to all who have chosen to share their feedback online. I am so grateful for your kind words and for taking the time to share your experience. My practice runs on word of mouth and referrals so you are each a part of this journey and my gratitude is unending. The testimonials below are from clients who have shared their feedback on Yelp, my Facebook page or sent directly to me to share on my website.  

"Mad is the real deal! Before my first session with Mad I had been so anxious from the stresses of life (work, family and friend drama) that I was near panic level. When I arrived Mad calmly talked me thru what to expect and we got started. It was relaxing, it was freeing and most of all it was powerful. I could physically feel the weight of the energy shifting in my body as she helped clear blockages and old wounds. I will absolutely continue my healing work with Mad and I highly encourage you to give her a call." -Jen

"I wish I could leave more than five stars because of how much I got out of our session together. To look inside of yourself can be a scary prospect but Madaline led me through an hour Reiki session with warmth, compassion and a blend of professionalism that made me feel secure and trusting in her hands. It's very hard to find that blend in a practitioner and is what allowed me to trust the process and enter the session with an open heart. I plan on continuing care with Madaline and look forward to what our sessions bring! Thank you for following your intuition into the healing field." -Ellie

"I had my first reiki session with Madaline, and WOW. It’s been a few weeks since then and I am still feeling a new vibration of positive energy. The following week I felt a burst of sunshine coming straight from my belly after the session... When I walked through the door the mood of the space was ready for us and I slipped right into it with an open heart and ready to see where the table and energy took me. I had physical reactions during different moments of our session including feeling heat/cool/buzzing sensations as well as an emotional release and a strong sense of calm and peace toward the end. The experience was powerful for me and undeniable that Madaline has found a great calling to help others heal! I will be back again soon." -Melanie

"I was the ultimate skeptic when Madaline came to my house to have a session with my son and myself. But, I'm very open to trying new things. The session was very relaxing and I could feel hot and cold energy through Madaline's hands. I was most amazed near the end of the session when Madaline spent time extra at my right foot and my left knee. She didn't spend any extra time with the other foot and knee. After the session when I asked why she went to those spots, she replied that she felt she needed to. Both of those areas are trouble spots for me that I have seen a physician about. I was EXTREMELY convinced that Madaline is the real deal. She's kind and patient and explains everything she is doing.  You will be very pleased with her service." -Cathy

"Madaline is a true guiding light and carries with her an exceptional gift.  Her abilities to help heal, balance, and lead energy can only be described as pure and life-changing. I have been seeing Madaline for years and with every session I always leave feeling better than before. For anyone that struggles with lingering health conditions, anxiety or even just searching for a sense of balance in their lives I HIGHLY recommend making an appointment ASAP." -Laura

"Madaline is a truly gifted energy mover and healer. She is passionate about what she does and has great bedside manner. I have had several reiki sessions in the past and they have helped me become aware of tension/trauma/blockages, but this was the first session I've had that has made pivotal changes in my life.

I worked with Madaline over video call and it was as powerful as any reiki session I've ever done, if not more so. It was also wonderful being in the comfort of my home and being able to truly sit, meditate, allow for the energy movement to do its work in my body, and not have the stress of a commute directly after.
Highly recommend Mystic Mad Reiki & Holistic Healing and will be back!" -Tina

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