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Fertility & Womb Preparation

One of my most humbling and sacred specialities has become assisting women in their conception, pregnancy and birthing journeys. Here you will learn more about my experience with Reiki for fertility as well as find testimonials from clients who have worked with me in this space.

This speciality of Reiki for fertility completely fell in my lap back in 2019. I wasn't expecting it at all and I was quite honestly blown away in the beginning as the successful experiences started to mount. I understand now that this work was always a part of my path. It was simply waiting for the right time to initiate me and it continues to expand my heart, my trust and my belief in what is possible. 

I have worked with women across the entire spectrum in this most intimate space. From those who struggled with conception for years, those told by western medicine that natural conception wouldn't be possible for them, to those who simply wanted to prepare their wombs to hold sacred light, and everywhere in between. After my first four experiences helping women prepare their bodies to hold new life, all of which resulted in healthy pregnancies and eventually healthy babies, a healer in Costa Rica shared with me that higher realms were referring to me as a "Cosmic Doula", words that lit up my whole being and I now embrace with humility, honor & grace.

I now recognize my role in this incredible collaboration, what I refer to as a "cosmic collaboration", as part of my mission in the healing sphere. A very layered mission intent on raising the frequency of this planet by bringing in new life capable of holding higher vibrations and re-establishing the conscious presence of the divine feminine. This work is not only about helping women conceive, a divinely designed process itself, but also empowering women so that they may remember their natural ability to heal themselves. 

If you are struggling with fertility, I can assure you that there is nothing wrong with you. There are so many different forms of energetic imbalances that arise from a lifetime of stored trauma, suppressed emotion, repressed memories, the list goes on. We are moving into a new age of awareness in our scientific and academic fields and this knowledge is becoming more widely validated and accepted. I'm so excited to be a part of this new wave of consciousness, healing and human evolution. If you feel called to work with me in this space or if you simply have questions, I would love to hear from you. 

Eternal love,


Hear from other women...

"I was gifted a reiki session with Madaline by friends who knew of her gift in the fertility space and my struggle. My friend was one of Madaline’s first clients and she actually conceived right around the time they met (after trying to get pregnant for some time).


When I came to Madaline, I had been struggling with fertility for 3 years. I was told that I had inflammation in my right fallopian tube so I only had an opportunity to get pregnant half of the time I was trying. I had gone through IVF — 2 rounds of egg retrieval (once where there were no viable eggs to make it to the blastocyst phase) and one egg transfer that was not successful. 


It was 7 months later, after a long break from the stressful process + strenuous medicine and a long health journey of eating organic, only using organic body, hair, and household products, and not drinking or smoking, that I went back in to the IVF clinic for annual testing and was told at 37 years old that due to my low egg quality I was no longer at a viable age or place to get pregnant.


I was crushed.

I had a session scheduled with Madaline the following week. I met with her and she was able to channel messages that were very profound and soothing for me. I left that session feeling hopeful, but expecting it to be a journey of releasing internal blockages and having immense faith before I would move forward with my dreams of becoming a parent. 


Boy was I wrong. I conceived the following week! 


I had my session over video call and following the session, I did as she instructed and took it easy, allowed my body to rest, and drank plenty of water. I was blown away by the impact and the transformation that happened so quickly in my body and am forever grateful to her, my angels/guides and myself for opening up to all of this. 


I highly recommend her to anyone who is on a fertility journey of their own - especially if you’ve lost hope and need help breaking through a blockage or emotional hurdle of your own."

-Tina, NY, NY

"Madaline has a gift that was instrumental in changing my life. So much love surrounds my family and it has been an absolute blessing. We tried for years to have a baby and I prayed for it, but it didn’t happen. After accepting that my window of opportunity to become a mother had passed, I met Madaline through a friend who is also her client. I don't live in LA so we scheduled a virtual session over Zoom. Madaline listened, was a calm presence, and guided me through the most relaxing meditation. When it was over, the sensation I felt was a buzzing in my belly. A baby was not in my mind because I had moved on. A month later I found out I was pregnant, with the conception date about a month prior. I feel Madaline and her amazing gift helped clear negative energy that opened me for welcoming a baby into my womb. She changed my life and I will always recommend her to anyone who is suffering from ailments, relationships, and the desire to become a mother." -Kate C

“I’ve known Madaline since she was born, a few years after me, and we grew up in Ohio together. Only in the last few years did I fully realize her amazing gifts. My husband and I are both physicians and struggled with infertility. It took us years to have success with IVF to have our first daughter during the first year of COVID. While serving as doctors on the front line of a pandemic, we learned how to be new parents. All in isolation. As a practitioner of western medicine and uneducated in energy healing, I was intrigued but skeptical of the power of Reiki. I was especially skeptical about distance Reiki as I'm in Ohio and she’s in LA. But Madaline offered to do distance healing on me during that difficult year, and I am so grateful I was guided to say yes! Our sessions became paramount in my healing from the stresses of my work as a doctor and the anxiety and trauma of my own rebirth as a mother.  


Flash forward a couple years later when we planned to try IVF again for our second baby…this time I called on Madaline to help with the IVF /fertility process as it was a painful journey to our first daughter, a road littered with heartbreak. I prepared for the entire process over a course of a few sessions and she guided me through pre and post embryo transfer. I felt so assured and relaxed. Our first embryo transfer on this second IVF attempt was successful, though the journey of pregnancy, delivery and postpartum was not always smooth. All along the way, Madaline’s work with me was grounding and vital. When our second daughter was earth-side, we required lots of lactation consultant support. Madaline even worked with us during a few of my postpartum sessions to optimize her latch and breastfeeding success. 


With each Reiki session, I continue to gain a better understanding of, and compassion for, myself. I’m SO thankful for my dear friend, Madaline for sharing her gifts. I can’t recommend her enough to anyone struggling with fertility and the difficult transition to parenthood. My husband and I are so lucky to be walking this earth with these 2 beautiful souls (our little girls).“  -B.H. 

"I’ve been seeing Madaline for my Reiki sessions for a little over 3 years now and most recently for my fertility journey. To start, my dad is a holistic health practitioner, so the world of energy healing for my mental, physical and emotional well being came second nature to me upon meeting Madaline. But understandably, not everyone is familiar or maybe even skeptical about the Japanese form of hands on healing and energy work. To help put your mind at ease, Madaline creates a safe space for you to come with whatever personal ailment you are seeking to heal-or perhaps just a lovely session to feel relaxed and recharged. I always walk out feeling rested, understood and more in tune with my body, mind and spirit!


I’m happy to say that I’m currently the proud mom of a beautiful healthy baby boy and as a 40+ female, many doctors made me feel that my “geriatric pregnancy” (oh yes, it’s called this) could be a challenging road. Fortunately enough, I continued my reiki sessions with Madaline and with her open heart, healing hands and a listening ear she allowed the environment for me to divulge my fertility concerns and anxieties. I’m so grateful to have such a beautiful understanding soul that helps me feel comforted and heard. Madaline is truly magical in every way you need!"

-Kaila H., Los Angeles, CA

"When my husband and I decided we were ready to have children and begin the next phase of our life together, I reflected deeply on how I would prepare my body and mind for this journey. One of my first thoughts went to Madaline and her Reiki practice. I had already worked with Mad a few times and felt confident in her ability and insight into the energy healing field. I asked her if I could schedule a session to focus specifically on preparing my body and mind for conception and pregnancy. The session was extremely beneficial, and among many other insights, one note Madaline passed along to me during our recap of the session was that she consistently felt the need to tell me that 'I am capable'. This feedback gave me the confidence to know that my body is capable of this next chapter and allowed me to move forward with this positive mindset. My husband and I welcomed our first child last year, and I am deeply grateful for Madaline's work and her ability to pass along these deep insights that can truly change the way we feel, think, and heal." -H.S., Los Angeles, CA

"I have such a deep appreciation for Mystic Mad. Reiki brought me immense calmness and peace that lasted almost a year after my first session. I felt an unexpected and powerful connection to my womb during my session, and three months later I conceived. I did not seek out reiki specifically for fertility, but more to seek a closer connection to my spirit-self and overall stress reduction. What came out of my experience led to creating space in my heart, soul and body to grow a baby. I urge anyone who is open to reiki to try it with an open-mind and witness the power from being still and witnessing the energies within, and opening the flow to greet and release them as they move through you."

-Mel, Los Angeles, CA

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