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Mystic Mad

Hello dear souls and welcome, my name is Madaline (aka Mystic Mad). I am a certified Reiki Master and meditation guide based in Los Angeles, CA. I began my journey into the world of Reiki and holistic health after a very difficult year of my life filled with immense loss that manifested itself in ways for which I was not prepared. I struggled to return to my "normal" routine in both my work and personal life as the world had changed for me. My prospective and priorities changed drastically and I felt cosmically different.


I began practicing meditation and yoga regularly and eventually found my way to energy healing. I soon discovered Reiki and quickly realized that helping others heal is deeply entwined within my infinite path. I left my job to pursue a well rounded foundation in energy, consciousness, and our connection to the cosmos. Not long after my initial pursuit, I became a certified Reiki practitioner and eternal student with a commitment to the healing arts and their global roots throughout recorded time. I am now a Reiki Master deeply devoted to helping elevate the consciousness of humxnkind and realigning this world, whatever slice of it I can, through energy, awareness, and love. 

Reiki Credentials

Usui Reiki Level 1 & 2 Training

Usui Reiki Master Teacher Training

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